In your own words, please explain your reason for seeking chiropractic care, and any initial complaints. What advice would you give to a friend, co-worker or loved one who was considering taking a step toward better health through chiropractic? And finally, how has chiropractic made a difference in your life? Thank you for sharing.

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Back Pain
Headaches and Allergies
General Wellbeing and Accidents
Leg Pain
Digestion Conditions


Back Pain

Happily, after seeing Dr. Vactor for 6 weeks or so, I'm able to stand much straighter, my balance is back, the pain in my neck is much less, my range of motion is much better, and I have a much greater sense of well being.
There is no doubt in my mind that Dr. Mike loves his patients, loves God, and is a master at what he does. I thank God that I found him.
Joann P.

I used to have bad back and neck pain with little or no movement in my spine. After visiting Dr. Vactor, I now have less pain and more movement.
Well worth the time and money. I feel much better.
J. D.

I used to suffer from acute lower back pain along with neck pain and right shoulder pain. Since going to Dr. Vactor, my quality of life has improved along with an increase of energy because of my absence of pain.
James F.

I had some carpal tunnel problems, my back was sore every day, and knees bothered me, but I was just living with it. After visiting Dr. Vactor, my back doesn't hurt, nothing hurts right now and I really feel good.
Everyone should include chiropractic care as a part of their overall lifestyle to stay healthy and prevent problems.
Beth B.

I used to experience a lot of lower back pain and shoulder pain, and I was taking a lot of anti-inflammation drugs. After being adjusted by Dr. Vactor, my pain is greatly reduced. Chiropractic treatments can help chronic pain which you may feel is impossible to get rid of.

My back and neck were giving me problems. They kept me awake at night. Getting up at times was very painful. After the first treatment my back and neck felt good and every time I go for a treatment I not only feel better, but have a lot of energy.
It is no nice to feel like a million dollars.
Joan B.

I suffered from stiffness and discomfort in back and hips, and poor posture. After visiting Dr. Vactor, my posture has improved significantly. I feel more flexible and seem to be sick less often and for shorter durations.
Jim H.

I often suffered from hip and lower back pain. After working with Dr. Vactor, I now have no back pressure or hip pain only after a week!
Trust in 'Him' and Dr. Vactor!
Katrina U.

I used to suffer from chronic neck pain, but now the pain is gone, and my mobility has greatly improved and it continues to improve.
Now I feel so much better and my headaches have also stopped.
Donna Y.

I had constant pain in the left side of my neck and stiffness and pain in both hands and fingers. Now after Visiting Dr. Vactor, I am no longer experiencing any pain or discomfort.
Patricia H.

Before seeing Dr. Vactor, I was experiencing severe lower back pain that was limiting what most consider everyday activities. Over the past 3 months of seeing Dr. Vactor, I am essentially pain-free. I believe Dr. Vactor's care will become and remain the foundation of my long-term health care plan.
I regret that it took me so long to look to chiropractic care for both short-term and long-term solutions to my health.
Warren T.

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Headaches and Allergies

I used to suffer from severe re-occurring headaches a few times a week. After receiving Dr. Vactor's chiropractic care, I'm pain free, sleep better at night, feel well rested giving, and have more energy in the daytime. On another note, a benefit I didn't expect was that I have also not taken any allergy medicine since I have been under his care.
Karen D.

I used to have constant headaches and allergies. After consistent care by Dr. Vactor, I no longer have headaches or sinus problems. My allergies have greatly improved and I no longer take allergy medicine every day. Chiropractic care does greatly improve your overall health and well-being.
Yvonne P.

I use d to be in a lot of misery, because of headaches. After a couple of gentle treatments with Dr. Vactor, I no longer get up with the headaches, and feel so much better overall.
Dorothy W.

Before visiting Dr. Vactor I suffered from constant headaches, neck pain, and lower back pain. But now my headaches are few and far between. Also, I have not been sick since I started chiropractic care. I look forward to my weekly visit to Vactor Family Chiropractic!
T. R.

Before I went to Dr. Vactor, I was not enjoying life. I was having migraines three times a week. After I started receiving adjustments from Dr. Vactor, my headaches have eased. I recommend to all of my friends to go to the chiropractor, because they get to the source of the problem without drugs.
Patricia S.

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General Wellbeing and Accidents

I was involved in a car accident. I had head trauma, broken ribs, and broken collar bone. With Dr. Vactor's chiropractic care being part of my rehabilitation, I'm 85 to 90% back to normal. I would recommend chiropractic care to anyone who needs just a minor adjustment or has serious problems.
Michael S.

After having a bike accident a year and a half prior to seeing Dr. Vactor, I was in constant pain and agony. In about 3  months I am pain free. After finding Dr. Vactor, I feel I am cured. Although, I know to remain pain free, and to continue to progress even more, I need to continue with my chiropractic care.
Kellie R.

Dr. Mike Vactor is a very nice Dr. and cares greatly for his patients. I would refer him to a lot of others! He makes you very comfortable and the staff is excellent!
Janice A.

Before visiting Dr. Vactor, I could barely breathe. Now, after visiting him, I can't believe the difference. He gave me a full adjustment and I was breathing! I couldn't believe it! Yippee! I'm free to be me!
Kelly D.

For many years I had allergies and asthma with respiratory infections. I was taking pills 24/7. After getting adjusted by Dr. Vactor, I have improved so greatly that I willingly discontinued all medication. Take it from me, chiropractic works!
Mary S.

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Leg Pain

After one month of seeing Dr. Vactor and going to the gym three days a week, I have progressed to the point that I walk without the assistance of canes. I am sure that continuing with Dr. Vactor, I will soon be walking normally.
I also feel if I had not started working with Dr. Vactor I would be in a wheelchair and unable to walk.

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Digestion Conditions

My son has been suffering from Crohnes Disease for four years. After seeing Dr. Vactor for only a few months, his symptoms have improved greatly. In fact he is basically symptom free.

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